Current exhibition in our 4th floor gallery: Paper Revelation

Paper Revelation, February 9th to April 29th, 2017

Paper Revelation is an exhibition of contemporary works in, on and of paper in two-dimensional, three-dimensional and video formats by five Korean artists, Sup Ham, Jeong Min Suh, Ilhwa Kim, Sung Hee Cho, and Won Ha.

The works on view each explore the versatility of the unique Korean paper tradition while examining themes of duality, nature and cultural heritage. Drawing on the centuries-old craft of hanji, handmade paper produced from the bark of mulberry trees, the artists in the exhibition not only translate their inspirations onto paper, but also completely alter the medium itself. Through their innovative rediscoveries, everyday materials are transformed to reveal contemporary works in which sustainable, age-old cultural traditions are metaphysically morphed into our realm of modernity.